Pharma IT Consulting

Tailored services for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry

Pharma IT Consulting

I have been providing cost-effective and timely solutions and services for IT projects within the sales and marketing departments of pharmaceutical businesses for more than 20 years.

My office is located in Karlsruhe, in the southwest of Germany and my customers are German pharmaceutical companies, German subsidiaries of international companies and also their international headquarters and branches.

Speaking several European languages fluently (German, English, French and Dutch), I am able to provide international expertise as well as an IT background and in-depth knowledge of the German pharmaceutical market and its specific critical factors.

My main fields of work include:

  • Project management of pharma related IT-projects
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) system consulting, support and vendor selection
  • Territory planning and performance analysis
  • Sales support and analytics
  • Bespoke solutions in MS-Access
  • Datamining and datamatching
  • Multilingual trainings

I am always looking for interesting new opportunities, so if you plan to expand your business into the German or European market, please feel free to contact me to personally discuss how I can help you to reach your objectives.

Please see my CV and project history:



Salesforce Certfications

For more information in English please send me an e-mail!

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